Light bulb Moments..

I'd clocked them early... 
Much much earlier than she did.

When she did notice them though, a hand squeeze followed..
Her hand tightening around mine ever so lightly.
Tilting her head at them in a manner she considered 'discreet'..

He looked like.. like he was trying to suck her tongue out of her mouth..
Like his ultimate aim was a 'tongue-detachment'
Her head was turned towards him at a grotesque angle..
Body twisted in a way that would put any contortionist to shame.

"They're probably teenagers" I suggested.

"If they are..." she started, then she stopped..

Light bulb moment..

"We should show them how..."she said, watching them thoughtfully.

"How? How what..?" I asked

Smiling, she glanced at me... Mischievous glint in her eye.


What's left to love?

And if she had asked..
"What do you like about me?"

I'd have said..

"I like the little pimples on your chin..
I like the way your bum fits snugly in those boy shorts..
I like the way your lower lip tastes..
I like hearing you sigh with contentment..
I like watching you sleep..
I like watching you wake..
I like discovering the birthspots on your body..
I like tongue-tracing wet lines between them when I find them..
I like your eyelashes..
I like your flawless skin..
I like watching you model outfits..
I like watching you silly-dance..
I like watching you spend forever choosing what to wear.."

And then if she had paused.. and then asked,

"If you like all that, what's left to love?"

I'd have smile and said..

"How long have you got?"


The she I knew.. the she I know, now.

My head says she's changed..
But in truth, using 'past tense' is a bit harsh
Maybe 'present continuous' will suffice..

So, I guess she's change-ing..

The she I knew would call, just because..
The she I know can't just be bothered..

The she I knew would banter late into the night..
The she I know now is too lazy to type..

The she I knew had intriguing wit..
The she I know lets sarcasm drip..

The she I knew is 'present'..
But then, the she I know is 'continuous'..

If I had a choice, I know which 'she' I'd prefer..
But in life, who really gets what they 'prefer'?

I probably just need a reality check..

But as it's all 'present continuous'..

..Maybe a reality check-ing.

Oh well..