Even Quickies feel Good!!

Oh yeah..! Even quickies feel good..

Quickie posts on blogville.. that is!!!

Or should i rephrase and say quick posts? Or posted quickly?

You weren't thinking.. oh... you...


My fav India Arie track is playing in the background..

"I wonder if you really knew that I see God in you..
and I wonder if you can see..
How much you mean to me..
I know you cannot read my mind..
but I hope you feel the vibe..
I think it's time to let you knowww that..."

While I read Sexkitten's view on relationships.

What struck me were the words..
"..beginning to dawn on me.. that all relationships...eventually end. Some times our partners die, leave us, divorce us... They end!"

Hmmm.. Now I've always believed that succeeding as a person involves deliberately making an effort at our relationships..

Work.. Facebook.. Church.. Blogville.. School.. Twitter.. et al..

And I've always believed that the more people you know...
The higher your chances of meeting the right person..
At the right place.. At the right time..

No self-made person one really did it alone..

When the first man was created, according to biblical accounts, God said, "It is not good for a man to be alone"

That for me, that signifies that the human specie is created..

For connections.. friendships.. Undying relationships..

So do I agree with SexKitten?

I don't know..

But more importantly.. what do you think?