Some say sex is overrated...

"...But they just ain't doing it right"

Jamie Foxx & Luda’ crooned from my speakers as I drove over Tower bridge to her place..

'twas funny how we met..

"Excuse me.. Excuse me..” She said, accosting me on the high street, “Sorry but is your name Roc, by any chance?
"Depends on who's asking,” I said smiling.
"You don't know me but you used to come see a girl, Sade, in my room back then in University.
"Oh Yeah!,” I said feigning recollection, “I sure would have remembered you though.. definitely..
She giggled, “I didn't look like this back then.. I've filled out a bit since.
"Hmm.. Interesting.. So what's your name?
"Chichi.. I heard loads about you from Sade back then..
"Did you now? Good stuff or bad?
I asked warily
"Oh all good stuff, she coyly responded
"Wasn't me then.. Trust me..I joked..
She laughed..
We exchanged numbers..

Thus.. it begun…

The marathon text sessions..
Messages on Yahoo & msn..

It was fun.. & flirty..
Like a moth to a flame..

A week & a weekend later..
My phone beeped.. Text message..

Hey Roc, you got plans this evening?
Sup babe.. I'm free, just the ps3 for company.. What's up?
Bored stiff.. flatmate's gone b'ham for the wknd. Wondering if we could do something..
Something like? A Movie? Been meaning to see 'The Gladiator', heard Russell Crowe was good.
Me too.. See you in a bit?
Sounds like a plan.. Ttyl8r

As I stopped at the traffic lights..
I tapped my pockets..

Bank card... Check

Mobile phone... Check
Rubber in wallet... Check

I parked outside her block of flats..
She buzzed me in..
Third floor..

Opted for the stairs.. I hate the lifts in those apartment blocks..

I knocked..
Her door creaked open..

"What's up chi..I stuttered as I saw her..

She wore a black
‘lasenza’ chemise top...
It stopped just below her waist..
It was transparent..

Capisce.. Se fini.. Finito..

Absolute starkers underneath

"Hey…” she replied, turning and walking slowly into the only room with a light on..

Watching her bum cheeks peek at me, as I shut the door..

I swear I could Maximus' voice in my subconscious..

"Are you not entertained?