Exotic memories for two..

I'd once given her a Notorious BIG CD..
She had it on blast as I approached..
Paper bag in hand, I knocked..

Bobbing my head to the beat..
I mimed along, as the lyrics seeped through her door..
"When it comes to sex.. I'm similar to tha 'Thriller in Manila/
Honey's call me Roc~kie.. The condom filler..

Silhouette moved in the spyhole..
The door creaked open..
And there she was..
No makeup.. White bathrobe.. Barefeet..
Beauty personified..

She smiled.. "Hey Roc.. You came.."
"Roc always comes.." I said in return, "I just don't come first"
She rolled her eyes, giggling.. "Roc!!"
"Whattt?!" I joked, bending forward to give her a peck..

Y'know.. The 'mwah-mwah-kiss-the-air-on-both-cheeks' type..
Her head moved..
Lip contact..

She pulled me in, by the neck of my polo shirt..
Right foot kicking the door shut behind me..
We stood in the hallway.. Ten? Fifteen minutes?
I lost track of time, as my lips never left hers..
It was soft.. It was slow.. It was sensual..

"Uhmm.. You're good!" she murmured against my lips.. "That felt niceeee"
"You're better than I'd imagined" I murmured back
"You imagined?" raising an eyebrow at me.
"From the minute I watched your lips swear at me on a wet platform.."

She punched my chest playfully, reaching for the bag I held..
"Change the music.. I'll get the bath ready", she said, walking away..

I hit the eject button and swapped cd's..
Joe's smooth voice replaced the ferocious one..
"I wanna know.. I wanna know what turns you onnn..."
I left Joe to it.. as I sauntered into the bathroom.

There were candles alight everywhere..
Her bathrobe and lingerie lay on the enclosed toilet seat
Eyes closed, she was submerged in a swath of white bubbles..

I literally smashed the world record..
For undressing and jumping in a bathtub..

"Uhmm" she sighed, as she nestled between my legs.. "Is that a soap bar or are you just happy to see me?"
Laughter, as my hands slid across her slippery body..
Her shoulders.. Her collar bone.. Her neck.. Her spine.. Her underarms..
My hands explored crevices unknown..
For an hour and some..

"You're giving me some memories, Roc.."
"Exotic memories.. For two.." I murmured.
"I feel like I could stay here.. forever"
"Me too but..." I said, standing up, "the water's gone cold"

I lifted her out..
Carried her into the bedroom..
Water droplets trailed in my wake..

She put a towel on the bed..
Then lay, chest down.. Feet apart..
Knuckles entwined.. Her cheek resting on the back of her hands..
I knelt between her legs.. Massage bottle in hand..

"You ready, bunny?" I asked
"Roc.." she said quietly..
"You know in restaurants, you get a three course meal, right?"
"Like if the bubble bath was for starters, and the massage, dessert.. Can I just have the main course?"
"Of course you can!" Smiling as I dropped the bottle.. I said my prayers..

"Bless this food.."
I tasted her toes.. Her ankles.. Her calf muscles..

"Oh Lord.."
I licked the back of her knees.. Her inner thighs.. The beauty spot under her bum..

"For Chris..."
Her phone rang..

She glanced at the caller id..
And propped up on her elbows..
"Oh sheezz! It's my fiance!"
"Your what?!" I said incredulously
"Shhhh!!!" she smiled, putting a finger to her lips, as she picked it..

"Hello love"

I smiled back, as my mind hatched naughty thoughts...
Listening to her struggle to discharge him, I bent back down..

My tongue retraced lines along her inner thighs..
Her bum perked & twitched as my nose parted the line in between..
Nudging my tongue further and further..
Into her dark moistened abyss..