Like they know me..

Been a bit overwhelmed with the extra-ordinary goodwill, I’ve received via my blog over the last couple of days..
Comments.. Emails.. Text messages..
Plus a phone call or two.. Just to check up on me..

In the words of Banky W.. “People be luvin’ me, like they know me, mehn..”
Amazing stuff.. I’m truly grateful..

Sadly, I didn’t get to respond to a single comment on my last post..
My apologies to those who came back to read my responses..

I’ll have to call that post, my pure unadulterated post..
‘Cause I didn’t get to adulterate it with my responses..

Gotta give a special mention to every single person that commented though..

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My mom breezed into town yesterday..
Beautiful woman..
But the first thing I’d noticed about her, as she walked towards me in Heathrow Terminal 5..
Was her dentition had changed..

You know those two little front-facing teeth?
Right in the middle, behind the lower lip?
Yeah.. those ones..

Hers overlapped a bit..
I grew up seeing that.. I was used to it..
And I still thought she was beautiful..

What have you done to your teeth??” I asked her, catching her off guard...

She had been to a dentist and filed it out..
Or rearranged it.. or whatever those guys do..

Don’t you like it?” she asked in return..
It’s looks nice.. as long as you made the decision to do it yourself..” I said..

Then she mentioned my dad’s sis, her sister-in-law, had made a derogatory comment some weeks back..
So she went and got it fixed..

Now that riled me..
Not because people said stuff.. but because it hurt her enough to want to change because of them..

I pretty much scolded her..
Along the lines "If she said you were too dark, would you bathe in bleach? Or if she sad you're hair was too long, would you shave it off??"

But still, it got me thinking..

The reason people talk behind your back.. is because your ahead of them.. Two steps ahead , for good measure..
No one should be allowed to determine your worth.. or your person.. or your destiny..

At the end of the day you'll feel a million times better, if you went about your day knowing that..
You and you alone made every decision for yourself..
And not conforming to people's opinion and how others want you to be.

Remain blessed, beautiful people!

It’s the Roc!!