It’s so lonely at the bottom.. Lonely down below..
When the only words you hear is, "All you reap, is what you sow"
Nobody hears.. Nobody cares.. and fatigue remains a foe
But you stay believing from the start..
Believing in your art.. Belief is in your heart..
And when they try to change your mind
All alone you climb..

It’s so lonely at the middle.. Lonely as you run..
People who used to love you, now don’t even show concern..
This is when you learn.. You're only judged by what you earn..
Your hands keep reaching … your eyes is on the sun..
It’s lonely when you injure yourself and you need a heal..
It’s lonely when you’re hungry and you need a meal..
And all alone you continue still..

It’s so lonely at the top.. it’s lonely at the peak..
You’re one amongst many.. You’re already unique..
Exquisitely tailored clothes.. and expensive lands..
It’s lonely in your palace.. Lonely in your Benz..
If this is what ends means.. then what means ends?

Loneliness seems to me..
The one true companion I’ve had.. & I agree..
It’s lonely when you trying to grow..
And even when you’re grown..
You discover that you’re still alone

It’s so lonely..

- Inspired by Illegal Music.. Lonely