Some sort of Jezebel..

The plan was to finish my, got-thrashed-for-a-woman, story..
But something came up..

My phone beeped.. Text message..
"U are crazy, Roc! Crazy!! Crazy!!"

Lagos digits..
Not a number I knew..
Didn't reply..

Five minutes later..
My mobile phone rang..
Kanye West ringtone blaring
"Ha! Ha!! You can't tell me nothing! Ha! Ha!! You can't tell me.."
I picked..

"Roc? You're crazy, y'kno! Absolutely mental! U know that?"
Recognizing the voice, I smiled, "Well.. I usually expect to hear good morning first but if the yabs work for you, it's all good.."
She chuckled.. "You're mad.."

We both laughed..
It was my friend.

(if you don't remember her, click here to get re-acquainted)

"Hmm.. Roc.. I read your blog.." She said
"Ok.. And.. What did you think?"
"I saw the post.. I know you asked my permission to tell it and all, but if I had known you'd go into that much detail, I'd have said no.."
"Really? Why's that? Something I said?"
"No, not you really.. You pretty much said all there was to say.. A bit too in-depth, but I didn't mind.. It's some of the comments people left that seemed out of order.."
"Uhm.. So which ones got to you?"
"I can't remember sef, some just seemed a bit uncalled for. Like I was some sort of Jezebel"
"Nah.. The thing, you need to remember, is that no one knows you personally like I do.. My respect for you as a woman and as a friend, won’t change because of a few comments

And my real picture as well, Roc?

That was spontaneous.. you know me now.. want me to take it down?

Nah.. it’s cool.. I really don’t care. Anyways, me & you have… Wait.. Hold on one sec..

Seconds pass..

"Sweetheart I'll call you back, we have gist, need to talk to you but I'm going to see a customer now.."

"Ok no worries, talk later then.."

Four hours later, my phone rang..

She said.. “Guess what?