When less is more..

Shoutout to all the new commenters on rocNaija via my last post..
Appreciate the luv!


Was on the phone with one of my fave people yesterday.. Odun'
And we were having this conversation..

".. That's because people expect to read it on your blog”
she said..
& I said, "that's not true because not all my posts are sex-related..
"Listen Roc," she said, "for every ten posts u make, seven are about sexing.. "
"I disagree, because for every six post I put up, three might be about something else.. But the sex related ones, I have to split up cause they'll be too long. So they can't count as individual posts.. "
She laughed.. “Yeah right..!"

The conversation continued, as I drove to Kay's house..
Kay is my ps3/xboxing buddy..
So I'm like "Odun I'll ring you back, need to call Kay.. "

I dialed.. He picked..

Roc: 'Sup Kay, on my way to yours, you home?
Kay: I'm at the grocery store, but Lilly is home..
Roc: Oh.. Should I meet up with you at the store then?
Kay: Nah.. I'll call her to tell her you're coming, start warming up on the xbox till I get back..
Roc: Alright, later bro..

So I get to his place, Lilly, his girlfriend, lets me in..
She's wearing one of those t-shirts that hang loose at the neck exposing a shoulder.. and hotpants..
Girlfriend's got legs for dayssss..
I'd only ever seen her in jeans and such whenever my friend’s around..

So I'm sitting there, xbox controls in hand..
Thinking to myself.. "This ain't right, especially since you knew a guest was coming.."
She's prancing around, going, "D’you want a drink, Roc?" "Looks like you been real busy at work?" ""
Trying to make conversation..

Maybe I'm suddenly becoming a prude or something but all I kept thinking was...
"Woman please put some clothes on.."
Sometimes less is much more than I need to see.

I don't think I'd fancy my woman walking around a house guest in such titilating delicious outfits (as Temite would say) when I’m not around..
It’s cool if I am and I haven’t got a problem with it..

But on the flip side, she's in her house, plus women liberation and all that...
So she can dress anyway she likes, right?
I dunno.. What d'you think?!

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