A Cobweb Clearance..

Random thoughts on a Friday afternoon. Sue me..

That's how 'Police' in the UK is spelt in front of their cars..
Wrong way round..
So when they're following you and u look in the rear view mirror you won't have to guess who it is..

My friend Zee lost her baby.. The baby’s vital organs weren’t developed enough to survive..
I wrote her a poem that I was going to post.. But it made me feel worse when I re-read it.
So I didn’t, as she reads my blog as well.
Thanks a lot to everyone that left supportive messages..
She saw ‘em.. and it made a difference..

Does anyone else chew sweets?
I chew sweets all the time. I don't lick.. suck or whatever..
I whizz through peppermints at the speed of light, just crunching along happily.
Once in a while I think about it though.. Am I weird?

An ex once told me she had ovarian cysts, that could potentially develop into fibroids...
Her dad had kidney problems and was diabetic...
Her mom had had a partial stroke a few years earlier..
We broke up not long after.
Weird coincidence, of course...

Meanwhile, does anyone else vex when they see the way Africa is depicted on non-African tv stations? That ish gets on my nervessssss...
Or am I just weird, again?

Was in Lagos for three weeks for a wedding...
Met her at the wedding..
She was bridesmaid, I was a grooms man..
Said she'd been celibate & 'bobo'-less for 3 years..
Four days later, we talking in my hotel room, somewhere off Opebi.
The one with the staccato air conditioning..
She’s wearing a mini & a floral spaghetti top.. without the spaghetti's.

Reception calls when they see her hail okada, one hour later..
To crosscheck I haven't been drugged and robbed..
Or robbed and drugged, as the case maybe..
She stops off to get condoms from Juli pharmacy..
& Charcolate chicken from Tastee..

Spends the night..
"Usually I don't do this" she whispers..
I re-acquaint her with what she'd been missing for 36 months plus..
She was eager to make up for lost time..
Eager to clear out all the cobwebs..
Wee hours of midnight, she whispers “You make me feel like a woman”..

Next morning.. showered..
Looking fresh to death..
Sits on the bed, facing me..
Legs crossed in yoga position..
Looking all serious, she asks..
"Now that you've seen my C.V..... do I get the job?"

Do I look like the head of a human resources department?

Have a good weekend people!!