Every girl's got a secret.

I didn't look at the number.. I just picked it when it rang..

Can you pick me up at Kings Cross station, in about three hours, Roc?”
Why?” I replied “What’s happening at Kin.. Wait.. hold on a sec..”
Quick glance at the number again.. Perplexed..
Hey, I thought you were in France?” I said..
I am! But I'm getting the Eurostar any minute now.. Swapped sim cards early... So, quick, can you?”
Uh.. uhm.. no worries.. call me when you get in..” I said
Aww.. thanks! You’re a star!”

I hung up..
Surprised the call even came through in the first place..

I’d not seen Emem in close to two years..
Or heard from her, for that matter..
We’d always had a platonic..
But not-so-platonic relationship..
We’d kissed but not a lot..
Touched but not a lot..
Never really gone beyond that..
Then.. she said, she’d met someone..
She was moving to France with him..
Plus she was tired of London..
Plus she’d learn a new language..
The list went on..

Three hours & a quarter later..
She walked out..
Looking prettier than I last remembered..
We hugged.. talked.. laughed..
She was hungry.. For a burger..
I put her suitcase in the car boot..
And we walked..

I watched as she picked out the pickles from her Big Mac..
She really did look.. different..

Looking at her quizzically, I asked “Did you.. dye your hair?”
She giggled.. “I didn’t think you would notice.. Had did it like this for about five months
How come? What did…” raising my eyebrows “..have to say about it?”
Oh him.. we broke up just before I did it.. so in some ways dying my hair was kinda like therapy for me
Really? Aww..” I said, smiling as I feigned pain.
She laughed.. “Don’t even go there..”
So what else did you do..? Scratch his car? Paint Monaco red on with his credit card?
She smiled at me mischievously..
Her lipstick staining the straw she sucked on..
I... I’ll just show you” she said, leaning forward..
She placed her left hand over my right..
And pulled it towards her left breast..

She wasn’t wearing a bra..
I could feel her sheer blouse..
I could feel her nipple..
And I could feel metal..

Girl! You didn’t!!” I chortled, drawing away, shocked..
Oh yes I did! Both of them..” she had that mischievous smile again.. “…and …somewhere else.
Hmmm.. Roccccc!!” she said as she laughed.. “What are you thinking?”
Err.. Nothing.. How come you never told me..
My lil’ secret, Roc.. Every girl’s got one.. Besides..” she replied as she finished her drink and reached for her coat. “..it’ll be more fun watching you find out yourself.”