Pleasure denied..

***Appreciate all your comments on my last post.. A bit off my commenting game at the minute.. But I'll make it up to y'all.. Somehow..***

She’d sat up..
Nibbled on her lower lip
And asked me, “Would you mind?”
Mind what?” I replied, squinting at her...

She glanced round the room..
Curtains drawn..
Clothes strewn across the floor..
Half bottle of red wine.. sweating on the table..
The muted television flickered..
Dimly illuminating the room

If I tied you up...” she said..

Fifteen minutes later.. there I was..
Hands tied to the bed rails above my head..
Watching her as she walked across the room..
Visions of a Sharon Stone in 'Basic Instinct' made me all the more wary..

She clambered on the bed and settled in between my legs..
Her hands trailed along my thighs as she bent down..

She tickled.. she teased.. she circled..
Then.. she descended..
Taking me in her mouth as far as she could..
Her fingers trailing my perineum ever so lightly..
Coming up for air.. she descended again..
And again.. and again..

My hands fought their restraints..
My tongue spoke gibberish..
My knees quivered..
My toes curled..

She knew..
Knowing she had me just where she wanted me..
Seemed to turn her on more..
There I lay.. Seconds away from filling her mouth..

She stopped..
Wha.. Wha.. What are you doing?” I stuttered..

She sat up..
Her fingers holding me at the base..
Saliva dripping through her fingers..

She waited a few seconds before speaking..

Calm down dear.. I’m going to sit on top of you now..”