Roc, Rape & Retribution..

I stopped..
"This ain't working" I muttered..
Buried deep within Emem, I lay there..
Her hair tickled my nostrils, with every breathe I took..

We'd been spooning..
Her head lay on my left arm..
My right arm circled her waist..
Pulling her towards me with each thrust..
She'd been making all the right noises..
But it felt mechanical.. emotionless..

“Did you come baby?” She asked..
I chuckled.. “
Not even close..”
"I told you we should have done some li..”
Don't even go there” I said gruffly, cutting her off abruptly..

A while back she had brushed off her drug habit..
Just something she & her ex had indulged in whenever they got intimate, she’d said
Now she rarely enjoyed sex without a lil’ something on the side..
Mary j.. x.. sizzlers.. coke.. lsd.. pebbles..
Bull crap” I’d responded..

An hour and something later..
We were pretty much just going through the motions..
'Cause it just wasn’t happening..

Be back in a minute..” she whispered, sneaking off to the bathroom..
I lay there.. and fell asleep..

I woke up with a start..
Twenty minutes later..

Glanced round the room..
Stautus quo.. Clothes everywhere..
Her handbag was gone..

I rolled off the bed..
Walked towards the bathroom..
And tried the door handle..

You okay in there??” I asked..
Her voice sounded muffled..
Uhm.. I’ll be out in a minute..

It wasn’t exactly rocket science..
I knew what she as up to..
I walked..
Grabbed my boxers.. jeans.. shirt..

The door opened behind me..
What do you think you’re doing?
What does it look like? Think I'm gonna let you OD with me here?” I replied as I pulled on my boxers..
But.. What do you.. Don’t you dare walk out on me Roc...” she shrieked, raising her voice..
I told you I’m not down with that shit.. and then you go lock yourself in the toilet.. Do I look like I’m stupid?” I buttoned my shirt..
She ran towards me.. grabbed my jeans off the bed..
I’m not letting you leave..”

Her eyes were red.. her hair dishevelled..
You’re crazy! Gimme my…” I reached for my jeans..
She dropped it and rushed at me.. screaming..
Her nails clawing my face.. my shirt.. my arms..
I held her hands off..

She had left scratch marks on me.. & was kicking wildly..
My shins.. my knees.. and everything in between..
I pushed her back.. forcefully.. on to the bed..
She looked round for something to throw at me..
I swiftly picked my jeans up..
The bedside lamp crashed against the wall behind me as I bent down..

ARE YOU MAD???!” I shouted at her.. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR.."

She responded.. but..
I didn't hear her the first time..
Or at least I didn't think I did..
My eyes narrowed as I focused on her..
"What did you just say?” I asked her
"I said don't you dare walk out on me, Roc.." She replied, breathing heavily.. “Or.. I'll call the police!

I'm rarely surprised.. but still..
Her words caught me off guard..
"Me? Roc..?” My hands clenched tight in my pockets..
You'll call the police on me? And then what? Tell them to strap me down, while you have your way?”

No..” her voice still high pitched..
Adrenaline pumping through her system..
I’ll tell them.. that you raped me..”