Tickling my fancy on a Friday..

Shout out to all the commenters on my previous post!
I was sort of caught in between responding or not, seeing as I had a guest blogging..
Appreciate all the feedback though.. Y'all too gbaski! :)

Took on board the critique as well..
Seeing as I have a new guest, blogging on Monday or Tuesday..
I'll be looking forward to everyone's feedback on that too..

In other news..
I've been looking to change cars..
Get something more.. whatchamicallit..?!

Anyways, there I am, browsing a few car shops online..
And I noticed a lot of car manufacturers take low shots at each other, in their car ads..
As in, proper beef, but it still struck me as hilarious..

So, apparently Jaguar started it, slagging off BMW's M5..

BMW responded swiftly, with this ad underneath..
Note the Jaguar icon on the hood taking flight on sighting the BMW?

Not content at just taking shots at the Jaguar brand, they got Audi in on the act..

After seeing that, I was like "Damn!"
That.. was until I saw Audi's response..

Six consecutive Le Mans races..
Showed consistency, efficiency and mechanical excellence..
I couldn't think of anyone else who could top that..

Until.. I saw Bentley's response..


Have you seen any funny car ad's recently?

Stay blessed beautiful people!!