A yellow dress in the distance..

I had my Google reader open..
167 unread messages and counting..
It was something else that made me look up though..

The boy in seat 20C was crying again..
He’d been at it intermittently, since lift off..
He didn’t look a day older than two..
And at that age, it’s probably to be expected..

The wailing got a bit louder..
He sounded like he was in pain..
Or just extremely cranky..

His mom sighed and muttered under her breathe..
His dad stood up, again..
Blue tee shirt..
Big yellow ‘S’ across his chest..
Lifting his son up, he stood rocking him between the dimly-lit aisles..
Whispering soothing words in his ear..
People, with full bladders, circumnavigated them, heading for the toilets in the rear..
Air hostesses hustled past, running a variety of errands..

Father and son..
Little arms round his dad’s neck..
He whimpered as he succumbed to the clutches of sleep..
A sight to behold..
The only thing missing.. was a cape.

Superdad..” I chuckled inwardly, from my seat in 24A..
Tearing my eyes away, I glanced back at the little gadget in my hand..
Then at the Indian bloke sitting besides me..
He was glued to the screen on the back of the seat in front of him..
Valkyrie was on..

I cupped my face in my hands..
My neck hurt..
My eyes stung..
My back ached..
The left side of my head was pounding..
Paja paja in both feet, from sitting in one spot for too long..
Plus, I needed a wee..
And I had 167 unread posts..

Three hours later..

I was standing behind a yellow line..
Watching the blue uniformed guy, play Larry King with the lady in front of him..
She glanced away.. Rolled her eyes..
Then glared at him in exasperation..

Earphones buzzing in my ears, my eyes travelled south..
Curly weave.. Short yellow dress.. Abortion belt.. Black shiny tights.. Heels..
Waiting my turn, my lips moved to the voices of Lil’ wayne & Shawn Carter..

"Hey Mr Roc
I am him!
Tell me where you been?
Around the world and back again
They been asking, they been searching, they been wondering.."

The blue uniformed guy motioned me over..
I pulled the earphones out..

"How you doing today, sir?" He asked.
"Great.." I replied
"You been anywhere else before arriving here today?"
"Yeah.. Amsterdam and Guadalupe.. "
"Okay, enjoy your stay there?"
"Enjoyed the weather better" I responded
"Great stuff.. Place your thumb on the screen..
Now the other four fingers..
Now the other hand..
Now stand in front of the camera..
That's fine.."
Handing my passport back to me
"Have a great stay in the United States.."
He said, as he motioned the next person to the glass partition..

"Thanks", I muttered, slipping my passport back into my pocket..
My head swivelled 180 degrees scanning the terminal, as I walked away..
Eyes honing in on what it sought..
A yellow dress sashaying in the distance..
Hands flicking hair over a bare shoulder..

I quickened my step..