Candles.. Bubbles.. & Massages..!

"I'm bored".. The text read..
I clicked 'call sender'
She picked on the second ring..
"Hello Bunny"

I'd known her for five months..
We'd always had a 'ask-me-no-questions-I'll-tell-u-no-lies' kind of relationship..
I didn't know if she had a man.. She never asked if I was single..

First saw her on a wet platform at Waterloo station..
Trains were delayed.. I was late for work..
She was wearing a night nurse uniform.. Tiredness etched across her face..

She walked.. I watched.. & watched.. & watched..
A Weapon of Mass Distraction, her body was.

Glancing at me as she walked past..
She hissed.. "What you fukkin' staring at?!"
I smiled inwardly..
Black woman = Drama.. But I luv 'em still..
Picking up my near-empty rucksack.. I walked after her..

"You're in a bad mood then..", I said
"Good guess, Einstein..", she deadpanned
I laughed, "Trust me.. if I was any good at guessing, I'd play the lotteries every week rather than stand on a wet windy platform.."
Her forehead creased as she smiled.."I could do with that right now, to be honest.."

We stood chatting for fifteen odd minutes, till the train pulled in..
"You do know I'm gonna ask for your number, right?" I said, as her blue contacts moved from the train, to me & back to the train..
"Uhm.. Gimme yours instead, I'll text you..", she replied..

Her first text came through the next night..

Five months later.. She's bored..

"Any ideas Roc..? I'm so bored right now, it's unbelievable..?"
"Wanna come round so we can catch some DVD's?!"
"You're probably not aware but, you drive and I don't.." came her sarcastic response..
"Okayyy.. Want me to come round then..? Spice up your day?"
"Funny! As if that would make a difference.."
"It just might.. I'll bring a bottle of wine..
Pop in a Joe CD.. Light some candles..
Run you a warm scented bath.. Slip in behind you..
Y'know.. Wash your back while you sit between my legs.."

I paused..
I could hear her breathe..

"And if you've got some massage oil..
I might even show you that asian rubdown I always talked about.."

More silence..

"You there?"
"Yeah.. uhm.. yeah I'm here.. so.. You wanna.. uhmm.. Wanna come.. Over?
"Only if you want me to.."
"Yeah Roc.. Yeah, see you in a bit.. OK?

Call ended.. Call time 00:12:53..

I changed.. Got car keys..
Phone beeped as I strapped my seat belt on..
Text was from her..

"Can u stop off to get some bubble bath soap on ur way? xoxo"

I nudged the gear into Drive, and accelerated..



All drinks is on the house!!

*Walks in humming*

"That Roc boy is in the building tonight..
..You don't even have to bring your purses out..
It's that dope boy of the year..
Drinks is on the house.."


Y'all have overdone it this time..
Or better yet y'all done did it this time.. lol..
In case you don't know..

RocNaija won 'Newbie blogger of the Year'
At the Naija Bloggers Awards.. (Click here to view list)


That's like winning 'Rookie of the Year', first season in the NBA..
I feel like Michael Jordan in his prime..
Like a young Maradona..
Like.. Ok.. Ok.. I'll stop.. but still..

Feels real good to be celebrated & not just tolerated though..
More so, considering I didn't even have an inkling I was nominated..

Regular visitors to this blog will know..
I never mentioned the NBA's..
Or solicited for votes..
As I'd figured I had a ’sell-sand-in-desert’ chance of a nomination..
Much less even winning..

But YOU deemed me worthy..
And for that I am truly humbled..

Thanks to everyone that voted…

And special shout out to ConfessionsLG, BSNG & GNG.. For the heads up..
Appreciate it ladies..!


And still I rise..

Turn the music up.. Turn the lights down..
I’m in my zone..
Thank God for granting me..
This moment of clarity..
This moment of honesty..
..Listen closer & you’ll hear what I’m about..

In the words of Shawn Carter..
Feel my truths..

I am a cynic about nearly everything..
I've been to more churches in my life than my number of years on earth..
I've sat to watch wrinkly old men claim to read the future, in the dimly lit shanty huts..
I know verses of the Holy Qua'ran offhand..
I know more verses of the Holy Bible offhand..
I've studied books on.. 'alternative' religions. Until mom got on both knees to beg me.. "Never ever.." she pleaded..
I still can't fathom why people kill themselves to be with 70 virgins in Paradise..?! If I had to go out like that, someone better guarantee 70 prostitutes horny women and a limitless supply of Viagra!

I stopped counting how many women I'd been intimate with at the age 20..
..But I know how many women I've made love to.
I never keep in touch with ex's I truly cared about..
I don't enjoy sex that much.. Not as much as I enjoy seeing shudders rack a woman's body, as she reaches that peak, and tips over. It's a beautiful thing.
I should do a separate post for sex issues.. whachamicallit? Sex on the Roc’s?! OR Sex does Roc?!.. Or maybe not..

I once slept through an armed robbery at my abode.. Woke up to see bullet shells and machetes outside my bedroom window..
I'm paranoid about getting stabbed on a train..
I hid a forehead injury from my parents for a month by tying a bandana/headscarf and claiming “It's in vogue”
I've had my heart stolen a few times but I've never been robbed..
I've never had an vehicle accident.. But I've been knocked down a few times in this unique journey called life..

And still I rise..

--- Sent with Nokia E71 mobile messaging service


The Chronicles of a Cunning Linguist... 101

My left hand gripped her blonde hair
As my pelvis slammed into the back of her thighs..
Repeatedly.. Steadily.. Unwavering..

My eyes travelled south..

Past the huge butterfly tattoo on her lower back..
Past the crack..
Past the darkness..

To where my taut rubberized blackness..
Met her white skinned wetness..

I chuckled to myself..
"I thought I was racist before this

She didn't seem to care about carpet burns..
As her fingernails clawed at my wallpaper
She spoke in tongues unknown..
Hungarian.. Greek.. Spanish..

She whimpered..
She screamed..
She moaned..
She cooed..

"Ohhhh I like.. Ooooh...
Sooo black.. Sooo strong..
Ohh.. Yes! Yes!
Oooo! Right there...
Mmmm.. Yes baby, Don't stop...

And that very hour..
At the very minute..
At that very second..
At that very moment in time..

I stopped..

I'd pulled a hamstring muscle..

She crumbled.. wailing..

As she ripped a hole in my wallpaper..

Silly girl.


A big booty squeezer..

I'm a girl pleaser../Big booty squeezer..
Teaser../ Looking for a diva../ for sheeza../
All you need is a geezer../
Cool as a freezer.../ rules like a Ceaser../

Laptop speakers aren't the best for music.. but they suffice,
As I listen to.. one of my fave tracks off MI's album..

My fingers hover the keyboard. What's to be typed..? I ponder..


Have I ever mentioned that I’m really fascinated by the kind of man Jesus was…?
Just intrigued with the way he hugely influenced people he came into contact with..

The good book says somewhere that..
“.. they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.”

By effect they became successes by affiliation...

I’m like.. what level do I need to get to.. that just mentioning my name will make people marvel..?!
That you’d walk into an interview.. mention rocNaija.. and they’ll say “no need for an interview you already have the job”

Despite the fact that His ministry was a success.. He chose to help people by taking them along on His journey..
So as things subsequently worked for Him, it worked for people affiliated with Him..

I’ve learnt that to truly be a success.. your personal priority should be helping others succeed..
This Zig Ziglar quote has stuck with me over the years..
“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Everyday I wake up looking to help someone achieve their dreams..

Cos I know..

As I help others to succeed, my own dreams will come to pass..


I turn like doorknobs...

I believe kissing is an art.. So I only do it slowly..
But she seemed in a hurry..
Her teeth clashed against mine ceaselessly
Another pet peeve..

I pulled back, slowing her down..
My left hand cupped her cheek..
Then, light as a feather..
I kissed her forehead..
Her eyebrows..
Her eyelids..
The bridge of her nose..
Her cheeks..
Her earlobes..
My tongue traced wet lines..
From her gold stud to the base of her neck..

Her knees buckled..
We hit the floor in seconds..

My head went lower.. Slowly..

Her little perk ones spread apart..
The way only natural ones do
My fingers twirled their peaks..
As I tasted the line where breasts meet torso..

She shuddered..
"You cold?" I murmured
"No!" She said hoarsely.. "Please.."
Nudging my shoulders south..
Her acrylic nails grasping at my hair follicles..

My lips traced the outline of her rib cage..
One.. by.. one..
She arched towards me..

One hand slipped behind her lower back..
As my fingers descended..

Past her navel.. Past her waist..
Past her brazilian strip..
Burying itself deep between her hips..
I touched her spot..

She gasped..

And just then.. I caught a whiff..
I gagged.. cos this time..
'twas stronger than it had been all day..
It was acrid.. It was horrible.. It was..

I aimed my fingers for her nostrils..
A one way ticket from cloud nine..
She slapped my hand away, eyes opening wide..
"What the fu.." She stopped..
Her eyes adjusting to the light, as she saw me stand up..

"Where's your bathroom?"
She pointed..

Hot water.. Handwash..
I glanced in the mirror..

She was in the doorway behind me..
"Baby.. It's probably this new soap I'm using.."

I dried my hands and walked past her..

"Baby, We can do other stuff.. Y'kno.. We can just.. Baby please.."

I grabbed my jacket.. car keys..
Walked towards the front door..

"Don't you dare leave me like this, Roc, don't you even da.."

Reaching for the door handle..
I glanced back at her..

"Chichi.. I've already left.."
I shut the door behind me..

As I bounded down the stairs..
BIG's words in the song 'one more chance' came to mind..

..Except it smells like sanitation/
..garbage.. I turn like door knobs/

Ended up watching Maximus on DVD..


With nothing but a t-shirt on..

Took a cursory look round as I stepped into her room..
Something smelt odd..
She was sitting edge of the bed..
Back to the window.. With the curtains drawn..
A shaded table lamp was on..

Taking my jacket off, I asked..
"So is this how you normally greet your male visitors then? With nothing but your.."
"Of course not." she retorted..
Lowering her voice.. "You know when we were talking.."
"Online?" I asked
"Yeah.. You were.. You've been messing with my head.. making me feel all..."
"Frisky?" I ventured another word.
"Tingly.." She said as she stood up, "And I've not felt that in a while.."

"So tell me," she said, walking towards me, "why do they call you Roc then..?"

I squinted at her in the dim light, as I said..

"Means different things to different people..
Depends on who u ask..
My family say every time a situation knocks me down, I bounce back like Rocky..
My friends say I'm as dependable as a Rock..
And my ex's say I'm as hard a..."

She giggled, coming to a halt in front of me..

"What's funny?"
"Sade talked about you a lot.." She replied
"Don't believe everything you hear.."
"Uhm.." she whispered.. "There's only one way to find out.."

Our lips met..

But still...



Some say sex is overrated...

"...But they just ain't doing it right"

Jamie Foxx & Luda’ crooned from my speakers as I drove over Tower bridge to her place..

'twas funny how we met..

"Excuse me.. Excuse me..” She said, accosting me on the high street, “Sorry but is your name Roc, by any chance?
"Depends on who's asking,” I said smiling.
"You don't know me but you used to come see a girl, Sade, in my room back then in University.
"Oh Yeah!,” I said feigning recollection, “I sure would have remembered you though.. definitely..
She giggled, “I didn't look like this back then.. I've filled out a bit since.
"Hmm.. Interesting.. So what's your name?
"Chichi.. I heard loads about you from Sade back then..
"Did you now? Good stuff or bad?
I asked warily
"Oh all good stuff, she coyly responded
"Wasn't me then.. Trust me..I joked..
She laughed..
We exchanged numbers..

Thus.. it begun…

The marathon text sessions..
Messages on Yahoo & msn..

It was fun.. & flirty..
Like a moth to a flame..

A week & a weekend later..
My phone beeped.. Text message..

Hey Roc, you got plans this evening?
Sup babe.. I'm free, just the ps3 for company.. What's up?
Bored stiff.. flatmate's gone b'ham for the wknd. Wondering if we could do something..
Something like? A Movie? Been meaning to see 'The Gladiator', heard Russell Crowe was good.
Me too.. See you in a bit?
Sounds like a plan.. Ttyl8r

As I stopped at the traffic lights..
I tapped my pockets..

Bank card... Check

Mobile phone... Check
Rubber in wallet... Check

I parked outside her block of flats..
She buzzed me in..
Third floor..

Opted for the stairs.. I hate the lifts in those apartment blocks..

I knocked..
Her door creaked open..

"What's up chi..I stuttered as I saw her..

She wore a black
‘lasenza’ chemise top...
It stopped just below her waist..
It was transparent..

Capisce.. Se fini.. Finito..

Absolute starkers underneath

"Hey…” she replied, turning and walking slowly into the only room with a light on..

Watching her bum cheeks peek at me, as I shut the door..

I swear I could Maximus' voice in my subconscious..

"Are you not entertained?


Pet Peeves - Honorary mention!

So you probably know I like MI right?

If you haven't heard any tracks off his not so new album
And you're into that sort of music..

Holla at moi, I'll put up a couple of links for you.

Anyways I'm listening to a track off his recent free mixtape..
And re-reading the comments on my last post.

I can't stop cracking up!! Hilarious stuff..

I just had to do a honorary mention of the responses I found the funniest..

Shout out to everyone who took the time to post a comment.
This isn’t belittling your comments in anyway!
Roc appreciates it..

P.S. You don't have to, if you don’t want to, comment on this as it's not a sequel or anything..
Except of course if you've remembered some more ;-)

Homegirl took the peach for me. Pretty much everything she said got my laughter juices flowing. It don't take much to turn Temite into a one man woman killing machine.

Rumours have it that the toothpaste thing is the second highest reason for divorce.. The first being not putting the toilet seat down..
Word of advice for my bruvas... If you want to have a long lasting married life!
Make sure you keep seperate bathrooms!!

For some reason, I could just picture the front page of the londonpaper with a hell-raising headline..
"News vendor clobbered to death by mug-weilding woman"
And a picture of Miss Vixen in six-inch heels standing over the poor bloke...

I once heard a story about a pot and a kettle once.... :-)

This made me wonder if I had sadistic tendencies..
'Cos I could picture 'kitten in a buka in Lagos somewhere surrounded by a dozen men all making the same noise...

I could sooo relate to this..
In the old days I was curious if people that did this didn't know..
Now I just avoid them.

This is just so typical of my African brethren..
And you're expected to be ecstatic to see them as well..!

Another one-man killing machine in the making..

Great stuff people..! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


So what ticks you off?!

According to Wikipedia ~~ A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that can instil great frustration in a very small group of people, yet is experienced by everyone. It also must be insignificant, so a person insulting you is not a pet peeve. It meets all three criteria if: insignificant, experienced by all, and only you and a few others are annoyed by it.

So I’m guessing everyone has at least one thing that just ticks you off…
That makes you scream silently in your head..
And is so inconsequential in the scheme of things…

Oh! And you do know you’re tagged right?! Lets go there..

Used cups and wrappers left inches away from a bin - I mean like how hard can it be? Really?!
Bad Parking - Some drivers just can’t be bothered to make an effort.. When I drive to the any shopping district I always look to park where there aren’t any cars on either side. But the gods of humour always seem to have a gag in store for me, so I expect to see cars flanking me when I get back.. and their tyres encroaching ‘my space’

Radio deejays talking while a song is playing. – This really really really annoys me!! I don’t know why but I so hate to hear a deejays voice while I’m singin’ along to a tune in the car.

People getting in my way - If I’m walking along the road or a wide open field. As long as there’s someone walking towards me, we’d always get in each others way, without fail. This then leads to the frustrating routine of moving left & right repeatedly uttering “Beg your pardon” “Excuse me” “Oh I’m sorry”.

It happens to me so often now that when I see the other person walking towards me in the distance, I sometimes avoid it by just crossing the road.. other times I just sigh and prepare to dance.


Know any ghostbusters? Gimme a ring!!

Appreciate the huge feedback, on that thin line post I did recently..
Amazing stuff..

I failed physics the first time I tried..
And even though I hit a home run on my second attempt..
I still wasn't a fan..

Danny B's recent post brought back a few memories..
Of Akoka..
Of hard graft in dimly lit classrooms.
Of those laws..
Gravity.. Newton.. Aerodynamics..

Only now I understand things differently..

I now understand that we live in a world controlled by laws..
And that there’s a huge amount of power under each law..
So by effect when you obey a law, you tap into the power within that law to achieve your goal…

Geddit?! Ok lemme break it down..

If your goal is to sky-dive.. the 'law of gravity' will help you achieve that goal..
If your goal is to travel from Lagos to LA... the 'law of aerodynamics' will help achieve it..
If your goal is to kick a stationary ball.. The 'laws of motion' come into play..

In the same vein, there are laws that govern success..

You see where I’m going with this don’t you?

Wordmerchant said “success is an idea put into action”.. I agree.
And to have an idea.. you must have a goal.. a vision.. a dream..

Recently a friend asked me “when you were little, what did you want to grow up to be?”
I said.. “The President.. but Barack Obama beat me to it..”
A typical example of a dream tempered by time.. (plus he’s more goodlooking :-))

Some dreams, however, get tempered by stuff from a person's past..
But no one can move forward by looking in their rear-view mirror..

The key is to get rid of those shackles and dream again..
The key is to not use past failures as a blueprint for the future..
The key is knowing that the dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow..

A scene from the movie, Robots, that stuck with me, was when Rodney’s dad said… “The dream you don’t fight for can haunt you for the rest of your life.”

I’m still fighting a few ghosts..

Know any ghostbusters?


Three bad things I'm really really good at!!

Ok, so it’s dawned on me..

That there are a couple of bad things I have an uncanny ability to do well…
I'm talented like that..


I’m tagging everyone who decides to read this post, you’ll also have to name, one bad thing you’re really good at, in the comments..

If not... uhm.. read anyways :)

So these are my confessions..

~~~~Remembering surnames of ex's

I gotta admit I'm really good at not remembering surnames of ex's.

My excuse back then was that, "the plan was to give her my surname in the first place, so there was no need to remember hers."

Well.. Up until this conversation ensued on a flight, when I bumped into an ex..
And I'd forgotten her first name..
"what's your name again sorry?"
"well considering we only dated for two years, I wouldn't expect you to remember" she replied sweetly.

So as a sharp lasgidi boy, I have since adopted a new mantra..

First chance I get, I ask.."So, you're now Mrs. what..?"
She'll either go, "Oh! I'm Mrs blah blah blah.."
Or say "I'm not married yet I'm still Miss blah blah blah.."

Works everytime..

~~~~I'm exceptionally good at bad driving

Before you enter my car say a prayer. .
Not that I've ever had an accident thankfully and no that time I scratched a car while browsing the internet can't count.
But I'm just admittedly a bad driver..
I cut corners at speed..
Run red lights..
Undertake cars at will..
Text often..
Brake suddenly.. The list goes on and on..

The ironic thing is.. I calm down when it's not just me in a vehicle..
But still I hear the words.. "Heyyyy Rocccc slowww downnnn!!!"

~~~~And last but not..

I'm a bad CCL.. or should I say I'm a good CCl..?!
Can't think of the right word to use as a prefix..

You know what that a CCL means right..?


A Certified Cunning Linguist.
My cunning tongue speaks a few languages.. ;-)

*So go on then.. it's your turn!*


Success.. A thin line!

I remember youth service in Katsina.. a state in the northern parts of Naija..
it was hot.. it was different.. it was fun.
Might get around to blogging about it one day..

Anyways one thing that always struck me was their fascination with Honda vehicles..
Sayin’ three out of every five was a honda is no exaggeration..

Then recently I read the autobiography of Soichiro Honda..
The founder of the Honda motor company.

He said, “when I started manufacturing motorcycles, prophets of doom who were at that time my best friends came to discourage me. Why don’t you simply set up a garage? You will rake in lots of money they said; there are lots of cars to repair all over the country.”
“I didn’t listen to their pessimistic advice” Honda said, “So, beside my research laboratory I started up the Honda Company on September 24 1948”…
The rest, as they say.. is history..

It’s striking that....
when push comes to shove, you alone are solely responsible for your success or failure..
not what your friends think..

As humans we’re influenced by our thoughts.. our emotions.. our actions..
Our thoughts maybe positive or negative.. our emotions maybe positive or negative.. our actions maybe positive or negative..
Ultimately, it’s our thoughts.. emotions.. and actions.. that make that line so thin..

I been told I smile too much.. I always say it’s because of how I view my 'cup'.
Is yours.. “half full or half empty”

Jose Mourinho, the ex-Chelsea manager once said “Human beings are victims of habit.. Positivity and optimism breed success..”

One year later they won their first trophy in 50 years..


Ask Anini about stealing?!

*I just noticed quite a few people graciously have me on their blogRoll but it doesn't update..
Please try adding this link instead..
And let me know how you get on.
Appreciate it!*

The phone crackled..
Lagos to London
Thirty minutes and ticking..

The calls had been regular for the last month..

"So i'll just get a schengen & we can meet up in Paris.. You know.. Get a room together.. It'll be fun" she urged me.

"But you know we can't do that babes.." I said

"Trust me Roc.. we'll stay in bed all week.. Order room service..." Her voice went on..

I was hearing but stopped listening..

*We first met in '97..*
In Unilag
She was walking from Moremi hall to class..

Size 8 waist.. Size 10 hips.. 34bees..
short curly hair dyed blonde..

I fancied her.. Been looking out for her.. Accosted her..

She liked my smile.. We became friends..
And got closer.. And closer..

But I never touched her.

Once, alone in my crib..
On the couch.. Watching TV

She asked..
"How come you've never tried touching me before.. Or at least kissing me?"

Lifting her silk top.. she exposed her navel..

"Touch me right here.. now" pointing to her belly button..

I smiled..
Cracked a joke..
But I never touched her..

*Fast forward.. 2003*

Victoria island
Me? A banker.. With STB..
She? with the French embassy..

We meet up for brea
kfast/lunch..nearly everyday..
Like clockwork, she always said.. "But You know I'm going to marry you, Roc.. You know.."

We'd flirt.. Talk.. Flirt..
Trade our innermost secrets..
But I never touched her..

*Fast forward 2009*

They'd been together a year & a half
He had smacked her.. Punched her..
Smashed the tv in anger..
Sold her car..

She had even walked in with him ontop of another wom...

"Roc..? did you get it?" jolting me back to the present.. "I just sent u a picture.."

"Aww babes.. Listen.. we can't do this..."

"Whyyy..?" She argued

"Because babes.. Just because.. You're married..! Untouchable..!" I responded.

"Oh please.. Does that mean we can't steal something..? Ehn Roc.. can't we ste..?"

Her call card must have finished..

'Cos the phone went dead..

*Damn girl.. How you ganna ask Anini about stealing?!*

Anini ~ ... no other armed robber rattled Nigeria like Lawrence Anini. The fear of Anini, was the beginning of longevity in the Nigeria Police. Apart from robbing and throwing the money into market square, Anini’s sworn enemy was the Police. It was reported that Anini in a space of 3 months, killed 9 Policemen

Excerpt (


Even Quickies feel Good!!

Oh yeah..! Even quickies feel good..

Quickie posts on blogville.. that is!!!

Or should i rephrase and say quick posts? Or posted quickly?

You weren't thinking.. oh... you...


My fav India Arie track is playing in the background..

"I wonder if you really knew that I see God in you..
and I wonder if you can see..
How much you mean to me..
I know you cannot read my mind..
but I hope you feel the vibe..
I think it's time to let you knowww that..."

While I read Sexkitten's view on relationships.

What struck me were the words..
"..beginning to dawn on me.. that all relationships...eventually end. Some times our partners die, leave us, divorce us... They end!"

Hmmm.. Now I've always believed that succeeding as a person involves deliberately making an effort at our relationships..

Work.. Facebook.. Church.. Blogville.. School.. Twitter.. et al..

And I've always believed that the more people you know...
The higher your chances of meeting the right person..
At the right place.. At the right time..

No self-made person one really did it alone..

When the first man was created, according to biblical accounts, God said, "It is not good for a man to be alone"

That for me, that signifies that the human specie is created..

For connections.. friendships.. Undying relationships..

So do I agree with SexKitten?

I don't know..

But more importantly.. what do you think?


Nipples and Nibbles... The sequel!

This continues from here...

Interview.. Done.

Short-changed myself though..
In a room of thirty job seekers..
The only person not wearing a suit was..? Yours truly
Needless to say.. A few weeks later..
A 'you don't suit our requirements' letter came through the post..

But.. I digress..

Bought my tube ticket..

"MIND THE GAP!!" The auto voice boomed as I boarded the train..
My brain ticking over the earlier encounter with Paige..

"was she flirting with me?
Nah! She couldn't have been.
I shouldn't pre-judge someone I'd only just met..
but what if she..?
she's probably just a nice person
But the hand..??
Innocent gesture..
Some people are touchy, feely when conversing..
Yeah.. Must be.."

Thus the battle raged..
between good and evil..

As I approached her door..
I scolded myself..

I reached for her doorbell..
No response..

Lights were on..
her car was parked..

I buzzed again..
Her voice..
"Roc?? Come in, it's open"

Stepped gingerly across her doorstep..

I heard her voice again..
from behind a closed door..

"I'm in the bathroom, make yourself comfortable..
..I'll be with u in a bit.

TV was on..
Tyra goofing around as usual..

I glanced round..
Flat screen.. Leather seats.. Bang & Olufsen speakers.. The works..

Heard her footsteps..
"Nice place.."

"Thanks" she said, as she popped her head round the door..

"Come into the room, so we can tal.."
"I'm cool.. I'll just chill here.."
"C'mon.. I need to show u some jobsites on the computer as well.." she said as she walked away..

Her room looked like a toy store..
Pink sheets.. Teddy bears everywhere..

She had a towel wrapped round her..
round her back and under her arms and back again..
Another one round her hair..

I thought to myself, "if she dares suggest I rub her back or something.. i'll just storm out!"

"Please sit down" she said, tapping the bed.

"Thanks for this morning," I said, "I was.."

"What do u think of this town then?" interrupting me mid-sentence..
"Cold innit? it gets real cold and lonely sometimes.. end up wasting money on heating, when u could be cuddled up with someone under a duvet"

"Uhm.. I can imagine" I said wryly, as I watched her hit the power button on the desktop..

Taking it as my cue.. I tried another tack..
"So the C.V that I en.."

"You know I've never really wanted much from a man" she said.. Cutting me short again.

"I've only wanted a guy to be there for me on those cold nights..
Someone I can cook for once in a while..
Someone That I can cuddle while watching tv..
You know? Basic stuff

"I'm sure a lady like u won't have a problem getting a man."

"So u find me attractive then..?"

"Jeez!" I thought to myself..
But before I could respond..

"Oh! Do me a favor please and pass me the mirr.. Nah! Don't worry i'll get it myself.."

As she stood up.. smiling..
Her towel dropped to the floor..


--- Sent from Nokia E71 mobile messaging device


How could an Angel break my heart..

I woke up in a sweat..

I’m angry.. I’m sad..
Why do I ache so bad..
If this is how a dream feels
Why does this feel so real?
Emotions don’t count in the long term” she said
I try hard to hide my pain.. too many tears unshed..
She said “we can’t be together..
Yet we can’t seem to stay apart
But last night she took all I had left..
My faith, my dreams, my love.. a brutal act of theft..
In hindsight.. a hammer would have been better..
But she used an axle-grinder..
and smashed my heart to smithereens..

I’m sad.


Nipples and Nibbles...

"Feel free to pop round and say hi anytime, anytime at all" she said to me, fifteen minutes after we first met.

"But I don't even know your name”, I responded
"Paige.. Everyone calls me Paige, apart from ur aunt who still uses my old name” flashing her pearly whites at me.

She was 36 going on 20.. Own house, nice car, two kids, no man. Could easily have passed for a shorter/darker version of Myleene Klass. (if you looked closely)

I was 25, only been in this cold town for 3days, after dragging my 'ghana must go' in the rain, from Heathrow..

And I was already coming to terms with the fact that in a 'previous life', Shawn was originally Seun.. And Larry was originally Lanre.. And Paige was originally.. Yeah you catch my drift..

Anyways couple of weeks later..
She drives past me at a busstop.. screeches to a halt.

"Jump in, jump in, I’ll drop u. Where are you off to?
"Kings Cross .. Got a job interview, I'll get a bus there, appreciate it though” I said, inhaling the scent of burning rubber.
"Waiting for a bus in the cold can be a pain.. I'm not in a rush, no worries.” she said

Forty odd minutes later..
We're closing in on my test centre..
Car heating on..
She's talking about how I need to remix my C.V. 'experience-wise' in my job hunt..
I'm listening..

''So you really need to work on..'' she suddenly stops.. then, “you know what? Come over to mine when you're done and we'll take a look at your C.V, together, see if I can help in anyway..
"Oh.. okay.. will do, thanks.” I said as I reached for the door handle.
"Wait a sec..” reaching across me, for the glove compartment.

Whiff of perfume..

Nipples straining against shirt..

Top button undone.. Cleavage alert..!

She hands me a £20 note, “Get the underground back..
"Gee! Thanks. Appreciate it!
"Not a problem”, she says, patting my thigh and leaving it there for a few seconds and some..
"Try and make sure u come, I’ll be looking forward to seeing u
"Definitely,.. I'll definitely come” I said, feeling her warm hand through my trouser fabric..

Hopped out and walked away, while trying hard to remember a famous song by Fela..

You know the one, don't you..? The one where a cat sleeps and a mouse nibbles on it's tail..