He said.. She said..

Semi-long Post Alert.. Click here to read the prequel to this post.

She said, “Lets make this a quickie”..
I smiled, as I watched her take her glasses off & undress..
‘Cause she always said that.. but it never happened..
It was always pulsating.. beautiful.. passionate..
But never quick..

He said, “So you’re the one everyone calls Roc then..”
Uhm.. depends on what you’ve heard” I replied..
Loads.. Nice to meet you, I’m Marino
Marino? I daresay I’ve heard quite a bit about you” I said, as we shook hands..
He’d just moved into a room in the high-rise staff quarters where I resided on campus..
We chatted for a bit, while I thought to myself "He doesn’t sound half as terrifying as other cult/gang members I knew..”

She said, “Uhmm.. Babyyy.. it’s all yours baby
As my tongue flicked at her lips..
Not the ones on her face..
But the ones between her hips..
She pushed towards me as I traced lines..
Please babyyy..” her hands burying my head deeper..

He said, “Fancy seeing you here..”
We’d met seven months ago, said hi whenever we bumped into each other..
But weren’t exactly best friends..
Then we met in ‘A’ Bar on the island.. for some girls birthday..
Come have some drinks with me & my boys” he hollered over the loud music..
Yeah why not..” I muttered, as I sauntered over

She said, “Take me nowww baby.. Please take me.. nowww
She was dripping.. her hands running ragged across my body..
Reaching for the little square packet besides the bed..
I ripped and strapped it on, while she watched..
Her knees parted, as I readied myself over her..
Kissing her lips, I buried myself in her.. to the hilt..
She gasped..

He said, “I’ll bring you car back tomorrow, mine is still at the mechanics
No problems” I responded handing the keys to him.. “As long as you fuel it, I’m good
We’d become friends of sort, as we seemed to frequent the same sort of places..
He had a knack for always needing something I didn’t mind giving out..
Especially condoms.. he always needed condoms.. I always had a stash..

She said, “It’s so.. ahh.. it’s so.. ohh.. babyyy..
She was ontop.. grinding slowly.. then faster.. then slower..
Her eyes closed.. my hands at her sides.. guiding her..
Oh yesss.. oh baby.. I’m co..” her words trailed off, as her body shuddered
Her voice.. her sticky wetness.. the look on her face..
Only heightened the sensations coursing through my groin..
Groaning hard.. my seeds found release..
As always, it felt beautiful..
Only this was the first time it was simultaneous..

He said, “You know that girl??”
Walking past, Ini had waved at me, as we slowly navigated the traffic exiting campus..
Yeah.. we’re classmates..”
Damn! You need to hook a bruva up.. she looks hawttt!!”
We slowed down, offered her a lift.. she got in.. I made introductions..

She said, or rather she mumbled “That was amazing..”
I glanced at her.. she’d fallen asleep..
She didn’t hear the knock, twenty odd minutes later.. I did..
Bathrobe.. slippers.. I opened the door a notch..
It was Marino.. agitated..
Thank God you’re in.. Roc abeg.. I need some condoms.. desperately!
Ini is here.. and you know I’ve been on her case for like 3 months now.
No worries, hold on a sec..” as I went to get him a couple..

Gust of wind.. Door swung open..
He saw her face.. eyes closed.. shoulders bare..
Bed sheets covering her modesty..
Susan?!” I heard his voice..
Oh shit!” I heard her voice...
Huh? You know him?!” I heard my voice..
His eyes looked like thunder as he stared at me..
Wrong move, Roc.. you just fucked up.. big time!”
As I watched him storm off.. I got the chills..


Death smiles at us all!

Been a while since I saw a good film..
At least one worth a mention..
Anyways I've been reminiscing about some of my fave scenes & quotes..
What better to do than put up a post about it..

PS. I know I owe you a post.. or two.. Just lacking motivation at the minute..
PPS. If you’re a movie buff, consider this a movie meme.. I’ll be interested in your take..

James Bond
(As Le Chiffre tortures Bond by striking his testicles with a carpet beater.)
Bond: “Now the whole world will know that you died scratching my balls.


“I knew a man once who said, "Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back."


Captain Jack Sparrow

"Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man.. you can always trust to be dishonest.
Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for,
because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly stupid."



There's not a day goes by I don't feel regret. Not because I'm in here, or because you think I should. I look back on the way I was then: a young, stupid kid who committed that terrible crime. I want to talk to him. I want to try and talk some sense to him, tell him the way things are. But I can't. That kid's long gone and this old man is all that's left. I got to live with that. Rehabilitated? It's just a bullshit word. So you go on and stamp your form, sonny, and stop wasting my time. Because to tell you the truth, I don't give a shit.


James Bond

Bond: “Who are you?
Pussy: “My name is Pussy Galore.”
Bond: “I must be dreaming.”

Have a great weekend, people!


Like they know me..

Been a bit overwhelmed with the extra-ordinary goodwill, I’ve received via my blog over the last couple of days..
Comments.. Emails.. Text messages..
Plus a phone call or two.. Just to check up on me..

In the words of Banky W.. “People be luvin’ me, like they know me, mehn..”
Amazing stuff.. I’m truly grateful..

Sadly, I didn’t get to respond to a single comment on my last post..
My apologies to those who came back to read my responses..

I’ll have to call that post, my pure unadulterated post..
‘Cause I didn’t get to adulterate it with my responses..

Gotta give a special mention to every single person that commented though..

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You’re missing in action..
They’re all outstanding bloggers in their own right!

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My mom breezed into town yesterday..
Beautiful woman..
But the first thing I’d noticed about her, as she walked towards me in Heathrow Terminal 5..
Was her dentition had changed..

You know those two little front-facing teeth?
Right in the middle, behind the lower lip?
Yeah.. those ones..

Hers overlapped a bit..
I grew up seeing that.. I was used to it..
And I still thought she was beautiful..

What have you done to your teeth??” I asked her, catching her off guard...

She had been to a dentist and filed it out..
Or rearranged it.. or whatever those guys do..

Don’t you like it?” she asked in return..
It’s looks nice.. as long as you made the decision to do it yourself..” I said..

Then she mentioned my dad’s sis, her sister-in-law, had made a derogatory comment some weeks back..
So she went and got it fixed..

Now that riled me..
Not because people said stuff.. but because it hurt her enough to want to change because of them..

I pretty much scolded her..
Along the lines "If she said you were too dark, would you bathe in bleach? Or if she sad you're hair was too long, would you shave it off??"

But still, it got me thinking..

The reason people talk behind your back.. is because your ahead of them.. Two steps ahead , for good measure..
No one should be allowed to determine your worth.. or your person.. or your destiny..

At the end of the day you'll feel a million times better, if you went about your day knowing that..
You and you alone made every decision for yourself..
And not conforming to people's opinion and how others want you to be.

Remain blessed, beautiful people!

It’s the Roc!!


Click.. And she needs advice...

The last couple of days have been hard and stressful..
I've felt depressed, down-in-the-dumps, despondent, sad..
But.. I am he.. & he is I..
So blog.. I will..


I should have guessed there was more when my phone first rang..

"So guess what?" she said
"You know I'm never good at guessing babe.."
"I left, Roc"
"Left? What do you mean you left?"
"I packed some underwear.. Change of clothes.. And I walked."
"Jeez girl! You've only been married a year plus.. Jeez!! Wanna tell me what happened?"
"I walked in on him humping a woman in our matrimonial home. As if that wasn't enough, it was someone he had claimed was a 'family friend' in the past & I had even served drinks in the past while she waited for him!"
Damn. Did you..? Did she..?
She had the guts.. pscheeww! Trust me, If I had a gun I'd have shot her.


"I was hurt but didn't say much.. I locked myself in a room.. He tried talking and pleading through the door.. It must have annoyed him that I wasn't responding, so he broke the door down.."

"He did what???"

"I was so scared.. He literally took the door off it's hinges."
"That's some crazy sh.."
"I've got like twenty bottles of perfumes, Roc. He broke everything...
He just smashed them against the wall one at a time."
Why would he do that though? What's that got to do with anything?"
I dunno Roc.. I left at the first opportunity. I'm getting a place. Paid for it today.”
Fo’real? That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think? Cos they’ll tie you into like a two year contract thing.. Won’t they? Didn’t you tell anyone? His family? Yours?

I can’t afford to furnish it or anything, I’ll just put a bed down in a room & take one day at a time. His uncle has been trying to mediate and he’s been trying to apologise.. Thing is though, he always apologises but then goes on to pull the same stunt all over again.. I’m just tired

You guys considered counselling?

Yeah we’ve been to a couple of sessions.. Last week, he actually said he’s been acting that way because I dated one particular guy before I married him

That’s ridiculous.. you didn’t marry that guy.. you married him..

That’s what the counsellor said as well.. I’m just so confused, Roc… What should I do??

First instinct? I’d say pray.. but honestly...

Listen Roc… my credit is finished.. I’ll buzz you later or call me.. Hopefully you’ll be able to advice me th..



Some sort of Jezebel..

The plan was to finish my, got-thrashed-for-a-woman, story..
But something came up..

My phone beeped.. Text message..
"U are crazy, Roc! Crazy!! Crazy!!"

Lagos digits..
Not a number I knew..
Didn't reply..

Five minutes later..
My mobile phone rang..
Kanye West ringtone blaring
"Ha! Ha!! You can't tell me nothing! Ha! Ha!! You can't tell me.."
I picked..

"Roc? You're crazy, y'kno! Absolutely mental! U know that?"
Recognizing the voice, I smiled, "Well.. I usually expect to hear good morning first but if the yabs work for you, it's all good.."
She chuckled.. "You're mad.."

We both laughed..
It was my friend.

(if you don't remember her, click here to get re-acquainted)

"Hmm.. Roc.. I read your blog.." She said
"Ok.. And.. What did you think?"
"I saw the post.. I know you asked my permission to tell it and all, but if I had known you'd go into that much detail, I'd have said no.."
"Really? Why's that? Something I said?"
"No, not you really.. You pretty much said all there was to say.. A bit too in-depth, but I didn't mind.. It's some of the comments people left that seemed out of order.."
"Uhm.. So which ones got to you?"
"I can't remember sef, some just seemed a bit uncalled for. Like I was some sort of Jezebel"
"Nah.. The thing, you need to remember, is that no one knows you personally like I do.. My respect for you as a woman and as a friend, won’t change because of a few comments

And my real picture as well, Roc?

That was spontaneous.. you know me now.. want me to take it down?

Nah.. it’s cool.. I really don’t care. Anyways, me & you have… Wait.. Hold on one sec..

Seconds pass..

"Sweetheart I'll call you back, we have gist, need to talk to you but I'm going to see a customer now.."

"Ok no worries, talk later then.."

Four hours later, my phone rang..

She said.. “Guess what?


Another “Who? Me?” moment..

Have you ever wanted to say something..
But the words failed you?
Like you open your mouth and all you do is stutter stutter..

These fingers I own, would normally be darting across my keyboard..
Today, however, they hover..
Once again, I’m rendered speechless and humbled at the same time..

A rare feat, I tell you!

My first, “Who..? Me..?” moment..
Happened when I won the award for Newbie Blogger of the Year at the Naija Bloggers Awards..

The second one..
Happened in the wee hours of this morning..

Earlier today, Kemberly uploaded a vlog video blog..
And guess what?
Your boy, Rocnaija, got a two minute mention!


Just in case you can't view the video at work or sumthin'..
Here's a snip of what she said..

"...If you go on his blog and read his entries.. I think it's just genius.. Like
he's so good with words and he's so descriptive that you feel like you're
actually there with him..."

Click here to view the full clip on Kemberly's Blog..
..Or on Youtube.com

I know.. I know..
For a 'speechless' blogger..
This is turning into a longgg tin' :-D

Stay blessed, beautiful people!!


Tonight's the night..


He slapped me... Hard!

"Wrong answer", The voice said..
"Once again Roc.. How long have you been fukkin' her?"

I must have kept quiet for too long..
Cause all I heard was the rush of wind at my cheek..


My ears were ringing..
Tears welled up in my eyes, underneath the blindfold..
My wrists strained against the unseen ropes tying them behind my back..
My knees bled from kneeling on, what felt like, shards of glass..
My mind went to the number of students murdered in the six weeks preceding that night..
All within University campus grounds..
All in cult/gang related incidents..
14 and counting..
Decapitated.. Stabbed.. Shot.. Maimed..
Was I about to become another statistic?

In middle of God-knows-where..
Surrounded by machete-weilding, high-on-something, gunpowder-smelling burly men..

Was tonight the night, I'd make those dreaded introductions?
"Roc.. meet your Maker.."
"Maker.. meet roc.."

A chill traversed my spine

They call me Rocky not Rambo..

I begged..
"Please.. I don't know who.. Pleaseee.."

"I said how long have you been sleeping with...
..Pscheeww, Oya! Take his blindfolds off!
" The voice commanded..

Shuffle of feet..
Hands on shoulders held me down..
Blindfold came off..

I blinked furiously as my eyes adjusted..
I stammered in shock.. As the face to the voice came into focus..

"Mar.. Ma.. Marino..???!"



It’s so lonely at the bottom.. Lonely down below..
When the only words you hear is, "All you reap, is what you sow"
Nobody hears.. Nobody cares.. and fatigue remains a foe
But you stay believing from the start..
Believing in your art.. Belief is in your heart..
And when they try to change your mind
All alone you climb..

It’s so lonely at the middle.. Lonely as you run..
People who used to love you, now don’t even show concern..
This is when you learn.. You're only judged by what you earn..
Your hands keep reaching … your eyes is on the sun..
It’s lonely when you injure yourself and you need a heal..
It’s lonely when you’re hungry and you need a meal..
And all alone you continue still..

It’s so lonely at the top.. it’s lonely at the peak..
You’re one amongst many.. You’re already unique..
Exquisitely tailored clothes.. and expensive lands..
It’s lonely in your palace.. Lonely in your Benz..
If this is what ends means.. then what means ends?

Loneliness seems to me..
The one true companion I’ve had.. & I agree..
It’s lonely when you trying to grow..
And even when you’re grown..
You discover that you’re still alone

It’s so lonely..

- Inspired by Illegal Music.. Lonely


Exotic memories for two..

I'd once given her a Notorious BIG CD..
She had it on blast as I approached..
Paper bag in hand, I knocked..

Bobbing my head to the beat..
I mimed along, as the lyrics seeped through her door..
"When it comes to sex.. I'm similar to tha 'Thriller in Manila/
Honey's call me Roc~kie.. The condom filler..

Silhouette moved in the spyhole..
The door creaked open..
And there she was..
No makeup.. White bathrobe.. Barefeet..
Beauty personified..

She smiled.. "Hey Roc.. You came.."
"Roc always comes.." I said in return, "I just don't come first"
She rolled her eyes, giggling.. "Roc!!"
"Whattt?!" I joked, bending forward to give her a peck..

Y'know.. The 'mwah-mwah-kiss-the-air-on-both-cheeks' type..
Her head moved..
Lip contact..

She pulled me in, by the neck of my polo shirt..
Right foot kicking the door shut behind me..
We stood in the hallway.. Ten? Fifteen minutes?
I lost track of time, as my lips never left hers..
It was soft.. It was slow.. It was sensual..

"Uhmm.. You're good!" she murmured against my lips.. "That felt niceeee"
"You're better than I'd imagined" I murmured back
"You imagined?" raising an eyebrow at me.
"From the minute I watched your lips swear at me on a wet platform.."

She punched my chest playfully, reaching for the bag I held..
"Change the music.. I'll get the bath ready", she said, walking away..

I hit the eject button and swapped cd's..
Joe's smooth voice replaced the ferocious one..
"I wanna know.. I wanna know what turns you onnn..."
I left Joe to it.. as I sauntered into the bathroom.

There were candles alight everywhere..
Her bathrobe and lingerie lay on the enclosed toilet seat
Eyes closed, she was submerged in a swath of white bubbles..

I literally smashed the world record..
For undressing and jumping in a bathtub..

"Uhmm" she sighed, as she nestled between my legs.. "Is that a soap bar or are you just happy to see me?"
Laughter, as my hands slid across her slippery body..
Her shoulders.. Her collar bone.. Her neck.. Her spine.. Her underarms..
My hands explored crevices unknown..
For an hour and some..

"You're giving me some memories, Roc.."
"Exotic memories.. For two.." I murmured.
"I feel like I could stay here.. forever"
"Me too but..." I said, standing up, "the water's gone cold"

I lifted her out..
Carried her into the bedroom..
Water droplets trailed in my wake..

She put a towel on the bed..
Then lay, chest down.. Feet apart..
Knuckles entwined.. Her cheek resting on the back of her hands..
I knelt between her legs.. Massage bottle in hand..

"You ready, bunny?" I asked
"Roc.." she said quietly..
"You know in restaurants, you get a three course meal, right?"
"Like if the bubble bath was for starters, and the massage, dessert.. Can I just have the main course?"
"Of course you can!" Smiling as I dropped the bottle.. I said my prayers..

"Bless this food.."
I tasted her toes.. Her ankles.. Her calf muscles..

"Oh Lord.."
I licked the back of her knees.. Her inner thighs.. The beauty spot under her bum..

"For Chris..."
Her phone rang..

She glanced at the caller id..
And propped up on her elbows..
"Oh sheezz! It's my fiance!"
"Your what?!" I said incredulously
"Shhhh!!!" she smiled, putting a finger to her lips, as she picked it..

"Hello love"

I smiled back, as my mind hatched naughty thoughts...
Listening to her struggle to discharge him, I bent back down..

My tongue retraced lines along her inner thighs..
Her bum perked & twitched as my nose parted the line in between..
Nudging my tongue further and further..
Into her dark moistened abyss..


When less is more..

Shoutout to all the new commenters on rocNaija via my last post..
Appreciate the luv!


Was on the phone with one of my fave people yesterday.. Odun'
And we were having this conversation..

".. That's because people expect to read it on your blog”
she said..
& I said, "that's not true because not all my posts are sex-related..
"Listen Roc," she said, "for every ten posts u make, seven are about sexing.. "
"I disagree, because for every six post I put up, three might be about something else.. But the sex related ones, I have to split up cause they'll be too long. So they can't count as individual posts.. "
She laughed.. “Yeah right..!"

The conversation continued, as I drove to Kay's house..
Kay is my ps3/xboxing buddy..
So I'm like "Odun I'll ring you back, need to call Kay.. "

I dialed.. He picked..

Roc: 'Sup Kay, on my way to yours, you home?
Kay: I'm at the grocery store, but Lilly is home..
Roc: Oh.. Should I meet up with you at the store then?
Kay: Nah.. I'll call her to tell her you're coming, start warming up on the xbox till I get back..
Roc: Alright, later bro..

So I get to his place, Lilly, his girlfriend, lets me in..
She's wearing one of those t-shirts that hang loose at the neck exposing a shoulder.. and hotpants..
Girlfriend's got legs for dayssss..
I'd only ever seen her in jeans and such whenever my friend’s around..

So I'm sitting there, xbox controls in hand..
Thinking to myself.. "This ain't right, especially since you knew a guest was coming.."
She's prancing around, going, "D’you want a drink, Roc?" "Looks like you been real busy at work?" ""
Trying to make conversation..

Maybe I'm suddenly becoming a prude or something but all I kept thinking was...
"Woman please put some clothes on.."
Sometimes less is much more than I need to see.

I don't think I'd fancy my woman walking around a house guest in such titilating delicious outfits (as Temite would say) when I’m not around..
It’s cool if I am and I haven’t got a problem with it..

But on the flip side, she's in her house, plus women liberation and all that...
So she can dress anyway she likes, right?
I dunno.. What d'you think?!

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