If I had an Italian son, it might be different..

This morning..
At approximately 08:24am
Somewhere in between Euston and London Bridge station, on the Northern line..
I thought to myself, "If I had an Italian son, how would I raise him?"

Weird.. I know..

It was a bumpy ride..
I was flipping through The Times newspaper..
Then I turned over.. to page 29..
Berlusconi's story.. The Italian prime minister..

A quick breakdown..

He's 72.. His wife is 40 something..
And he's embroiled in a sex scandal..
He's allegedly been getting it on with girls as young as 18..
He, apparently, showed the French prime minister a soft porn mag, and said..
"I've had her, her and her.."
He has escort girls attend dinners and parties to make it more 'pleasant'..
Girls with nicknames like 'long thighs'

He, of course, says it's a smear campaign..

But that's besides the point..

This is not a post about whether prostitution is right or wrong..
Or a man cheating is right or wrong..
It's easier playing judge & jury..
So I'll leave that to the bible-brandishing firebrands..


The part that caught my attention was the opinion of Italian men..

One said.. "Men of power need a lot of sex"
Isn't that like totally passing the buck?

Another said "If Berlusconi doesn't gain sexual satisfaction, he governs badly.."
Err.. Ok.. So being able to execute your job properly is directly related to how many orgasms you have???

But the one that took the cake for me, was the minister that said..
"If he spent the night with a call girl, he was only the 'end user' "

Like WTF? Since when did a woman become an operating system like Windows Vista..
And the man is only using what is available..?? The end user??!!
Now that just smacked of total disrespect, to me..

At this point, I sort of came to the conclusion that it probably all boiled down tothe mentality of an Italian man..
Plus, the stereotype of them being hot-blooded and all..

Made me wonder, how they were brought up to percieve women, when they were boys..
Made me wonder, if I had an Italian son, how would I raise him..?

I believe..
If you teach a boy to ride a bicycle properly..
When he becomes a man..
He won't try pedalling with his hands down a hill..

If you teach a boy to drive a car..
When he becomes a man..
He won't sit in the boot and wonder why the car isn't moving..

So when I do have a son..
He probably won't be eye-talian..


I'll watch his fingers curl around mine, in that delivery room..
I'll hold his hand as he learns to walk..
I'll teach him to ride his first bike..
And wipe his knees, everytime he falls..
Maybe even one day, teach him to drive..

But the day he walks out, to go on that first date..

I'll walk him to the front door..
Put my hand on his shoulder..
And say to him..

"If you have a good woman in your presence, feel blessed..
You wouldn't disrespect God and she deserves that same treatment."

**I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post**


For a minute.. I felt violated!

The house was quiet..
Eerily quiet..
Most of the stuff was in the van outside..
The few items left, were..
The couch, we sat on, in the lounge..
The king-sized bed upstairs..
The American fridge-freezer in the kitchen..
And the stack of empty boxes in a corner..

"Oh! Stop it, Roc!" she pleaded
"Stop playing with my hair" She said, playfully swatting my hand off..
"Why?" I paused "You don't like it?"
"It's err.." Her voice went down a notch "It's making me.. horny."
"Awww.." I replied, as my fingers returned to her spliced kinky braids..
"We wouldn't want that now, would we?"

Not long after.. her shoulders twitched..
My index finger traced a line..
From the base of her neck.. down her arm.. to the inside of her elbow..
She crossed her legs
Then she uncrossed them..
My finger traced their way back..
She sighed, crossing her legs again..

A couple of minutes later, she turned to face me..
But her eyes were already closed..

My hand slipped under her shirt..
Two fingers nimbly unclasping her bra..
"That was quick" she murmured, as she lifted her top off, and got them out the way..
"I do magic tricks.." I whispered, "Poof! And your clothes are gone"
"Yeah right.." She replied, leaning towards me..

I could taste the nicotine on her lips, as we kissed..
Her tongue, darkened from that dire habit..
Was all over mine..
My teeth..
My gums..
Behind my lips..
Under my tongue..
The roof of my mouth..

One minute, I felt so violated..
Next couple of minutes.. Insanely turned on..
A myriad of emotions..

"So.." She paused, pulling away "Will this end up on the internet as well..?"
She reached for her smoke-box on the floor..
Lit one.. Took a drag..
Then asked again..
"Is this going to end up on your thing.. your rocnaija thing..?”
"Uhm.. I dunno..” I responded.. "Wait.. How did you.."
She smiled.. "I'd be curious though.." pausing to take another drag,
"If you did write about.. y'kno.. I'd be curious as to how you'd write it"
"Do you mind.." Picking my next few words slowly..
"..if we.. have this.. uhm.. conversation some other time? You're kinda messing up my mojo here.."

She rolled her eyes..
Took another drag..
Stubbed it out and stood up..
"Come.." she said, unbuttoning her denim skirt, wiggling her waist as she stepped out of it, "let's go upstairs.."

Glancing from her eyes.. to the only item of clothing she had on.. her boyshorts..
My clothes joined the heap on the floor in seconds..

Walking up the stairs behind her, I smiled, imagining the sight we made..
She, looking pretty in pink, in her boyshorts and waist beads..
Me, one step behind, in my boxers and socks..

The next hour plus was absolute bliss..
Everytime she got close..
I slowed things down..
And everytime I got close..
She slowed things down..

We both knew when it did happen..
It'd be amazing..

I heard her squeal..
Looking up at her, my hands held her waist..
Expecting waterfalls..
She stopped..
Squeal caught mid-sentence in her throat...
Her eyes opening wide in shock..
As did mine..

A key rustled in the front door downstairs..
The lounge light came on..



My heart is obliterated..

"Sorry..! Just wouldn't do it..
My heart is obliterated..
I'm trying to move through..
But it's like.. moving mountainsss.."

Sometimes you be going through stuff..
Then you hear that one song..

I listened to these guys right here sing this words…
And it redefined what the words of the song meant to me..

Cant remember whose blog I was on, when I virtually bumped into ‘em..
First song I listened to was a cover for Bey’s Halo, right here..
Amazing harmony.. Never knew the song could sound that good..
If you got time.. Give 'em a listen..
Timeless music..

Anyways.. For some reason..
Yesterday, my random mind was thinking..
What's the literal opposite of a 'one night stand'?
Two days sitting?

Fashion faux pas?
Or am I just so old school all of a sudden?
Saw a girl at Wimbledon yesterday..
Black gladiator sandals, with gold studs.. Nice..
A black knee-length pencil skirt.. Nicer..
A white figure-hugging tank top.. No comment..
Pearl necklace.. Exquisite..
Hair looked exactly like this.. Dunno what it's called..
Bob with front fringe or whateva..
And then..
She dons huge bright purple peacock earrings..?! Screeeeccchhh!!!
Am I odd to think it was all going so well, then suddenly went downhill?
So wrong..

I’ll be changing the web address to this site in the coming days..
All depends on how long it takes me to figure out how to do it..
I’ll probably be moving from http://www.rocnaija.com
To http://blog.rocnaija.com
The main hassle for my enlightened readers, will probably be that my blog may no longer update on blogrolls..
And my 23 email subscribers will probably have to re-subscribe to continue getting email updates..
I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there..
You’ll still be able to access the blog via http://www.rocnaija.com ,
'Cause there'll be a link to the blog there..
Anywaysssssss… I’ll try it first and let you guys know what’s up!!

Hypothetical scenario here.. :-)
Girl says, "Please.. Let’s not.. I don't want to.."
So.. You don't touch her..
But as she says those words..
She's unbuckling your belt..
Unzipping your trousers..
Reaching into your boxers..
Do you take her 'no' to mean 'yes'?
Does her 'no' mean 'maybe'?
Or does her 'no' mean 'no' until otherwise instructed?
Just wondering..

Shout out to everyone who took the time to comment on my last post...!!
My apologies for being such a lazy bugger..
Y'all are stars!! Roc appreciates..

Enjoy the rest of the week!!


Roc, Rape & Retribution..

I stopped..
"This ain't working" I muttered..
Buried deep within Emem, I lay there..
Her hair tickled my nostrils, with every breathe I took..

We'd been spooning..
Her head lay on my left arm..
My right arm circled her waist..
Pulling her towards me with each thrust..
She'd been making all the right noises..
But it felt mechanical.. emotionless..

“Did you come baby?” She asked..
I chuckled.. “
Not even close..”
"I told you we should have done some li..”
Don't even go there” I said gruffly, cutting her off abruptly..

A while back she had brushed off her drug habit..
Just something she & her ex had indulged in whenever they got intimate, she’d said
Now she rarely enjoyed sex without a lil’ something on the side..
Mary j.. x.. sizzlers.. coke.. lsd.. pebbles..
Bull crap” I’d responded..

An hour and something later..
We were pretty much just going through the motions..
'Cause it just wasn’t happening..

Be back in a minute..” she whispered, sneaking off to the bathroom..
I lay there.. and fell asleep..

I woke up with a start..
Twenty minutes later..

Glanced round the room..
Stautus quo.. Clothes everywhere..
Her handbag was gone..

I rolled off the bed..
Walked towards the bathroom..
And tried the door handle..

You okay in there??” I asked..
Her voice sounded muffled..
Uhm.. I’ll be out in a minute..

It wasn’t exactly rocket science..
I knew what she as up to..
I walked..
Grabbed my boxers.. jeans.. shirt..

The door opened behind me..
What do you think you’re doing?
What does it look like? Think I'm gonna let you OD with me here?” I replied as I pulled on my boxers..
But.. What do you.. Don’t you dare walk out on me Roc...” she shrieked, raising her voice..
I told you I’m not down with that shit.. and then you go lock yourself in the toilet.. Do I look like I’m stupid?” I buttoned my shirt..
She ran towards me.. grabbed my jeans off the bed..
I’m not letting you leave..”

Her eyes were red.. her hair dishevelled..
You’re crazy! Gimme my…” I reached for my jeans..
She dropped it and rushed at me.. screaming..
Her nails clawing my face.. my shirt.. my arms..
I held her hands off..

She had left scratch marks on me.. & was kicking wildly..
My shins.. my knees.. and everything in between..
I pushed her back.. forcefully.. on to the bed..
She looked round for something to throw at me..
I swiftly picked my jeans up..
The bedside lamp crashed against the wall behind me as I bent down..

ARE YOU MAD???!” I shouted at her.. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR.."

She responded.. but..
I didn't hear her the first time..
Or at least I didn't think I did..
My eyes narrowed as I focused on her..
"What did you just say?” I asked her
"I said don't you dare walk out on me, Roc.." She replied, breathing heavily.. “Or.. I'll call the police!

I'm rarely surprised.. but still..
Her words caught me off guard..
"Me? Roc..?” My hands clenched tight in my pockets..
You'll call the police on me? And then what? Tell them to strap me down, while you have your way?”

No..” her voice still high pitched..
Adrenaline pumping through her system..
I’ll tell them.. that you raped me..”