The she I knew.. the she I know, now.

My head says she's changed..
But in truth, using 'past tense' is a bit harsh
Maybe 'present continuous' will suffice..

So, I guess she's change-ing..

The she I knew would call, just because..
The she I know can't just be bothered..

The she I knew would banter late into the night..
The she I know now is too lazy to type..

The she I knew had intriguing wit..
The she I know lets sarcasm drip..

The she I knew is 'present'..
But then, the she I know is 'continuous'..

If I had a choice, I know which 'she' I'd prefer..
But in life, who really gets what they 'prefer'?

I probably just need a reality check..

But as it's all 'present continuous'..

..Maybe a reality check-ing.

Oh well..