Light bulb Moments..

I'd clocked them early... 
Much much earlier than she did.

When she did notice them though, a hand squeeze followed..
Her hand tightening around mine ever so lightly.
Tilting her head at them in a manner she considered 'discreet'..

He looked like.. like he was trying to suck her tongue out of her mouth..
Like his ultimate aim was a 'tongue-detachment'
Her head was turned towards him at a grotesque angle..
Body twisted in a way that would put any contortionist to shame.

"They're probably teenagers" I suggested.

"If they are..." she started, then she stopped..

Light bulb moment..

"We should show them how..."she said, watching them thoughtfully.

"How? How what..?" I asked

Smiling, she glanced at me... Mischievous glint in her eye.